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Islamophobia - the Facts, Part III - (July 2011 - Dec 2011)



Most recent update: 11th May 2012- see section 'THE MOCKING, ALARMIST TALK [David Starky's comments]

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Inayat Bunglawala at the Leveson Inquiry, January 2012:

“I can fully accept that newspapers are there to report stories and if Muslims are involved in those stories, there will be facts about Muslims or the faith of Islam which they need to touch upon, especially in a time when we're facing a terror threat from Al Qaeda. It would be impossible for newspapers to avoid the subject of Islam and Muslims. Where I think a line needs to be drawn is on a clear falsehood on - where newspapers just tell plain falsehoods in their headline, where they seem to be fermenting prejudice, whereas if we replace the word "Muslim" with another minority group, we would very quickly recognise this is unacceptable. So I think the same standards should be applied to Muslims as to any other faith group or any other minority group community”.

“...Mr Desmond made clear – the proprietor of the Express made clear - in his own testimony here, he has withdrawn his newspapers from being allowed to be adjudicated by the Press Complaints Commission, which again strikes us as a most mystifying position for us to be in, because the Daily Express and the Daily Star are perhaps two of the most egregious offenders when it comes to stories which are mistaken or incorrect or inaccurate when it comes to reporting about British Muslims, and now the PCC has no jurisdiction over them, which is a very odd situation to be in....”



15th Jan 2012
Sunderland mosque planning application protest - according to one objector, "It will end up being mosquefield, not Millfield". for Lib Dem Councillor Paul Dixon, the mosque plans risks “upsetting the balance”

7th Jan 2012
David Stones, would-be Lib Dem Councillor: “Regarding the mosque being built near ground zero. I say let them build it. But then, across the street we should put a topless bar called “You Mecca Me Hot” … and next to that a pork rib restaurant … Then we’ll see who’s tolerant.”

3rd Dec 2011
Daily Mail headline: "Alarming rise of Muslim 'honour attacks' in the UK as police reveal thousands were carried out last year" - however in the article the reference was to Kurdish groups - why call it a 'Muslim' problem?' In fact the article quotes a Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) spokesman who said "'Honour-based violence cuts across all cultures, nationalities and faith groups - it is a worldwide problem". Yet the headline!

27th Nov 2011
Daily Mail headline: "Muslim medical students boycotting lectures on evolution... because it 'clashes with the Koran'...hasn't the Daily Mail heard of Christian or others' objections to the theory that random mutations are the engine of evolution?

17th October 2011
Det Con Maxwell, who was part of the specialist operations counter terrorism unit at Heathrow's Terminals 3 and 5 between 2008 and 2010, said officers would target Arabic and African sounding names on the landing cards....The force held an awareness day at a mosque in October 2008 but his colleagues 'resented being lectured to by imams', he said
<a href="http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/terrorism-in-the-uk/8814582/Terror-checks-at-Heathrow-were-racist-claims-officer.html

8th Oct 2011
Famous scientist Richard Dawkins criticises Muslim faith schools after one visit to a school in Leicester: "Richard Dawkins has attacked Muslim faith schools, saying that they teach students 'alien rubbish'. The noted atheist claimed that pupils were being taught to ignore scientific evidence in favour of following the Koran..."

29th Sept 2011
Guildford Borough Council has rejected application for a new Islamic Centre at the site of a garage, noting &quot;disturbance to residents&quot; as a reason. Presumably the garage was operating in silent mode!

15th September 2011
Reporting Baroness Flather's statement on the size of Pakistani and Bangladeshi families, the BBC chose a mosque as a background image!

14th September 2011
Professor Stephen Howe of Bristol University seeks no collective identity for Muslims: "Once upon a time, Britain's inhabitants included several hundred thousand Pakistanis and Bangladeshis ñ or people with family origins in those countries ñ plus smaller but significant communities of Egyptians, Turks, Somalis and many more. Remarkably, they have all vanished in the past decade or so. In the places where they used to live, a completely new set of people has replaced them: people called Muslims. This vast act of ethnic cleansing has happened silently, almost without remark...The caveat that all collective identities are potentially oppressive and dangerous, not just religious, and not least national, ones, surely requires little reiteration. Even so, personally, I'd quite like to see the past decade's wave of ethnic cleansing reversed. That is, I have no objection at all to Muslim neighbours, friends, fellow citizens ñ but given the choice, on the whole I'd prefer to get rid of them, and bring back the Sylhetis and Somalis, Turks and Tunisians I used to live with."

20th June
Baroness Cox, the Tory peer who admires Geert Wilders, finds the Islamic personal law courts (shariah councils) intolerable: "We cannot sit here complacently in our red and green benches while women are suffering a system which is utterly incompatible with the legal principles upon which this country is founded...If we don't do something, we are condoning it." Isn't pluralism a fact of life in British law? Apparently not for Muslims! Baroness Cox's prejudice is that Islam and human rights are incompatible.

8th June 2011
Simon Wessely, a psychiatrist at King's College London: " I would rather go find the gene for homosexuality or do work on images of the prophet Mohammed than do this..."

3rd June 2011
'Have I got News For You' show Sharon Horgan said: ëThe Independent described the Dostoevsky metro stationÖ as the Mecca for suicides. Not to be confused with the Mecca of suicide bombers ñ which is Mecca." Hargon later apologised.

29th May 2011
The Daily Mail headline:" 'Bradford is very inbred': Muslim outrage as professor warns first-cousin marriages increase risk of birth defects." - note the newspaper's choice of wording - 'Muslim outrage'. In fact, one Muslim spokesperson quoted by journalist Tom Kelly merely said that Professor Steve Job's comments were "unworthy of a professor"! Another Muslim noted "I just do not know of any firm evidence backing up Professor Jonesís claims. I think we need more conclusive studies ...". Hardly "Muslim outrage". The Daily Mail could easily have constructed another headline, given that Professor Jones also noted that "inbreeding was not confined to Muslims, and historically had occurred in every part of society, including the royal family".

23rd May 2011
"A primary school trip to a mosque was cancelled because of 'ridiculous' concerns over terrorist attacks in revenge for the death of Osama Bin Laden. A group of five and six-year-old pupils from Orleans Infant School in Twickenham, South West London, was due to visit nearby Hounslow Mosque tomorrow. But the trip was ditched after the headmistress said she was concerned about the ësafetyí of pupils."

10th April 2011
"A former head of the Armed Forces has warned that plans for a mosque overlooking Sandhurst could lead to attacks on the Royal Military Academy. In a letter, Lord Guthrie says he is worried about the ësecurityí of the two 100ft minarets which will tower over the mosque, 300 yards from the Sandhurst parade ground. And he is unconvinced by promises from the mosque leaders that it will not fall into the hands of extremists who support a ëdoctrine of hateí."

29th March 2011
Liberal Democrat Birmingham counillor Martin Mullaney said he ìapologised unreservedlyî for stating that Respect councillor Salma Yaqoob supported stoning people to death and wanted to see Britain become an Islamic republic.

21st March 2011
The Daily Express lead story: "SHARIA law is being used by house buyers posing as Muslims to dodge stamp duty, it was revealed yesterday." The reality is that customers of shariah-compliant products do pay stamp duty, and legislation was introduced to avoid double stamp duty arising from the nature of the financial instruments devised! Only later does the article reveal that the possibility arises if the purchaser immediately sells the property - but how many would do this as a scam when the legal fees are high and cannot be avoided?

16th Feb 2011
A memorial bridge to a young girl in Detling, Maidstone, has been defaced with extreme far right and anti-Muslim graffiti including a call to 'kill Muslims.'
The graffiti, which also reads 'keep Britain British' and 'EDL'

14th Feb 2011
The Dispatches documentary, Lessons in Hatred and Violence [Channel 4, 14th Feb 2011] has footage of a maulana making offensive remarks about Hindus - captured by an undercover reporter. But teachers at the school insist the undercover reporter captured an isolated incident where a 17-year-old senior student was talking to pupils.
The have provided a letter which shows that he was expelled for his views last August ñ five months before the school was made aware of the tapes by producers.

13th Feb 2011
The Rev Patrick Sookhdeo, an Anglican cleric who runs the international Barnabas Fund charity for Christians facing persecution, said some extremist Muslims viewed the growing use of halal food as part of their efforts to ëimposeí sharia law on the West.

5th Feb 2011
Mr David Cameron's speech in Munich: "...The failure, for instance, of some to confront the horrors of forced marriage, the practice where some young girls are bullied and sometimes taken abroad to marry someone when they donít want to, is a case in point....". Note the association of forced marriages with Muslims - while not making the point that forced marriages are not sanctioned in Islam.

3rd Feb 2011
Evening Standard headline: 'MPs warned of Muslim group in Parliament' - this was in response to the appointment of a Muslim civil society group for provision of administrative support to the newly-founded All-Party Parliamentary Group on Islamophobia!

3rd Feb 2011
A campaigner in the 'Yes to Fairer Votes' campaign tweets: "Says in the Holy Qu'ran Mohammad used to get his neighbours to vote by AV which of his 4 wives he'd shag each night." He later apologies "unreservedly".

4th Jan 2011
Independent's story headline: The Islamification of Britain: record numbers embrace Muslim faith'. Sarah Morrison's largely positive and sympathetic article is marred by a crass headline. The report is based on estimates made by 'Faith Matters' - she underlines the dramatic point that there are 5000 conversions a year. Yet this is based on "a figure of 1,400 conversions in the capital in the past 12 months which, when extrapolated nationwide". As every mathematical modeller knows, the devil is in the detail - the assumptions that are made for arriving at an extrapolation. The headline 'Islamification' only served to create a sense of alarm and problematising even further an already 'suspect community'.

27th December 2010
Damian Thompson in the Daily Telegraph uses data from Pew to paint an alarmist picture of British Muslim population statistics: "Setting aside for the moment the topics of Muslim ghettos and jihadist Islam, letís ask another question. How will the rapid growth of a conservative religion affect British social attitudes towards womenís rights, marriage, divorce, homosexuality and abortion?... the growth among young people of a faith that, even in its moderate incarnations, is resolutely non-liberal on many moral issues. What do you think?" This is blatantly sensationalist - the only reliable source of British population data is the decenniel census, next due in March 2011".

26th December 2010
Sunday Express headline: "EXPOSED: Secret lair of Muslim hate preachers - Network Rail-owned lock-up under one of the countryís busiest commuter lines was the secret lair where Muslim fanatics plotted their hate campaigns against democracy..." However there was no basis for describing the rented accomodation as 'secret'! In fact, it was used for meetings and classes and was known to neighbours. The Sunday Express article by Ted Jeory also plants the idea of danger to 'the busiest commuter lines'.

12th December 2010
Sunday Express headline: "Prisons - smuggled mobiles turn prisoners into radicals...Thousands of Islamic prisoners convicted of non-terror crimes are being 'turned' by an ?array of illegal films and images shown on ?mobiles smuggled through weak prison security by convicted terrorists... ". However the evidence on use of phones presented by the article related to drug cartels!

3rd Dec 2010
"Mrs Faisal-Parkar...joined Shakespeares [law firm] in 2002 as a legal assistant. Not long after she started, she found out from a fellow worker that she had been nicknamed 'Mother Teresa' because she wore a hijab, which covers her head".

24th Nov 2010
Headline in The Sun: "Muslim fanatic is crack dealer - MUSLIM who dressed as bomber at demo is jailed for his part in a £2.6m drugs racket ." The Sun placed double emphasis on the individual's religious identity - when it is quite clear that such criminality had little to do with religious beliefs!

11th Nov 2010
Birmingham councillor Gareth Compton...called it a 'glib comment': "Can someone stone Yasmin Alibhai-Brown to death? It would be a blessing, really" he tweeted from his iPhone. Journalist Alibhai-Brown was appalled: "If I as a Muslim woman had tweeted that it would be a blessing if Gareth Compton was stoned to death I'd be arrested immediately".

4th Nov 2010
The judge sentencing Roshonara Choudhry for stabbing Stephen Timms MP made a gratuitous comparision between Christian values and those of another religion i.e. Islam. The fact that Choudhry was an aberrant personality seemed to be discounted: "ëI understand that he (Mr Timms) brings to bear his own faith, which upholds very different values from those which appear to have driven this defendant.
ëThose values are those upon which the common law of this country was founded and include respect and love for oneís neighbour, for the foreigner in the land, and for those who consider themselves enemies, all as part of oneís love of God.
These values were the basis of our system of law and justice and I trust that they will remain so as well as motivating those, like Mr Timms, who hold public office'."

[The judge did not deem worthy of mention that the doctor who cared for the MP when he was brought into Emergency at the Royal London was a Dr Asif Choudhry]

3rd October 2010
The Observer carried the headline, "US to issue terror warning to Americans in Europe" - the accompanying image showed the back profile of a Muslima in hijab.

20th July 2010
Daily Express story headlined 'White Britons unfairly [sic] targeted for hate crimes': "...Civitas ñ the Institute for the Study of Civil Society ñ claimed there was 'evidence of biased application of the law'. It cited the case of a Muslim man who sprayed 'Islam will dominate the world ñ Osama is on his way' and 'Kill Gordon Brown' on a war memorial in Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire. He was prosecuted for criminal damage but not religious or race offences. The CPS argued that 'defacing the memorial did not attach to any racial or religious group'. But the report pointed out: 'If a non-Muslim had defaced a Muslim building, the system would have thrown the book at him'.î Why this conjecture on an hypothetical scenario?

8th July 2010
Harrow Observer headline "Hot meals but it may only be halal". The report by David Baker notes that Harrow schools have been invited by Harrow Council to opt into a catering scheme "which has already proved successful among other secondary schools in the borough". The report first provides a negative assessment, quoting a parent "who wished to remain anonymous" according to whom this move "unnecessarily imposes [sic] faith based practices on pupils". The more positive response from another parent is left to later in the news report. This parent said, "most children, or parents for that matter, will not be concerned how the animal has been killed, they will just care whether or not it tastes good."

4th July 2010
Jim White in the Sunday Telegraph, "But football, like a sporting sharia court, left the punishment up to the victim. Gyanís nerves proved too shaky for it to be administered fully. So justice was horribly undermined...."

30th June 2010
Phil Woolas, Labour's parliamentary candidate for Oldham East & Saddleworth in the June 2010 General Election, accused his Lib Dem opponent Elwyn Watkins of being linked to 'extremist Muslims'. A BBC report noted that a court is due to examine Woolas's statement: "Mr Watkins believes a Labour election leaflet portrayed him as courting votes from militant Muslims. The leaflet was headlined: 'Watkins accused of wooing extremist vote.' It went on to pose the question: 'Why are the extremists urging a vote for Watkins?' "

Update 18th September 2010: "Phil Woolas, the Labour MP who is facing a court challenge to his re-election from his Lib Dem opponent Elwyn Watkins, will now have to wait until October for the court's decision, reports the BBC. The case, the first of its kind in 99 years, centres on whether Woolas made misleading comments about Watkins in campaign material, some of which suggested the Lib Dems were canvassing support from Islamic extremists. As my colleague George Eaton has already argued, it appears that Woolas's campaign was deliberately designed to whip up ethnic tensions in Oldham, a city that saw race riots less than a decade ago - something that, regardless of the court's decision, will mark it out as 'one of the most disgraceful election campaigns in recent history'.

Update 5th Nov 2010: "Today's ruling by two high court judges in a specially convened election court found that Woolas smeared the Liberal Democrat opponent, Elwyn Watkins, as someone who pandered to Muslim extremists...their most provocative piece of electioneering was an A6 election card with a photo of Muslim extremists holding up a placard reading: 'Behead those who insult Islam'. The election card read: 'Extremists are trying to hijack this election. They want you to vote Lib Dem to punish Phil for being strong on immigration Ö Will you stand by Phil?' The extremists pictured were from a tiny demonstration held in London some four years previously ñ they had nothing to do with Oldham..."


11th May 2012
Following the sentences of a Pakistani-origin criminal gang for child grooming offences, the Tudor historian David Starkey ventured: "Those men were acting within their own cultural norms. Nobody ever explained to them that the history of women in Britain was once rather similar to that in Pakistan and it had changed..."

8th May 2012
A RIGHT-WING activist says he has launched a campaign against a proposal to turn a former pub into an Islamic community centre. Stephen Tweed is the West Norfolk organiser of the British Freedom Party and is objecting to the West Norfolk Islamic Association’s plans for the former Queen’s Arms in London Road, Lynn.

14th Feb 2012: "The man attempting to stir up fears over plans to build a mosque in Purley is a far-right activist and avid supporter of the woman accused of racially abusing people on a tram. English Defence League member Frank Day proudly claims to have put leaflets through the doors of 600 homes in the area...."

7th Feb 2012: Anti-Islamic literature.."A former BNP member has been convicted of a religiously aggravated public order offence for putting anti-Islamic literature in his window...Edward Johnson, prosecuting, described the material on his windows as grossly offensive towards the Muslim faith. Conway admitted that at the time of the offence he was a member of the BNP and a supporter of the English Defence League but said he had since left the BNP".

22nd Dec 2011: The Daily Telegraph and other media demonise Muslims - with this sensationalist headline 'Muslim baby adopted because of fear of honour killing' - "[The baby] was conceived in a relationship which was unacceptable to [the mother's] traditional Muslim family and conducted in secrecy...Enquiries of the police showed that [the baby’s grandmother] had told them that if [its grandfather] found out about the child, he would consider himself honour bound to kill the child, [its mother], [the grandmother] herself and her other children.”

7th August 2011: Daily Mail headline: 'Ayatollah of the RAF' - in an article on Dr Joel Hayward, dean of the college at Cranwell, replete with hints of 'holocaust denial'. In fact there were no grounds for this sensationalist linkage with Iran's clerics - and even less for the anti-semitic calumny - for someone of Jewish extraction himself and who reverted to Islam in 2007.

28th July 2011: Ignoring the lessons to be drawn from the Norwegian tragedy, one British newspaper continues to demonise Muslims: "Islamic extremists have launched a poster campaign across the UK proclaiming areas where Sharia law enforcement zones have been set up."

6th July 2011
Daily Mail gives credence to a fringe group to attack a whole community : "Islamic extremists have called on British Muslims to establish three independent states within the UK. The notorious Muslims Against the Crusades (MAC) group have named Yorkshire towns Bradford and Dewsbury and Tower Hamlets in East London as testbeds for blanket sharia rule. The Medieval 'emirates' would operate entirely outside British law, according to a document on the MAC website." It is like judging the whole of the British Jewish community on the strength of Melanie Phillips's views!!

23rd June 2011
"EDL leader Tommy Robinson told the News he expects up to 400 people will attend the march against plans for a new £13 million mosque in Mill Road to replace the one in Mawson Road, which has space for just 500 of the cityís 4,000 Muslims.
He said: 'We are against the building of this mosque which will be the biggest in East Anglia and we have had a lot of people in Cambridge contacting us who are worried about it. We are against the building of all mosques because they preach homophobia and anti-Semitism which we should not tolerate in this country'."

29th April 2011
"The UKIP candidate for the Leicester South by-election has caused outrage by condemning Islam on his blog. In the article, Abhijit Pandya called Islam 'morally flawed and degenerate' and said he backed a controversial Dutch politician, who called Islam a retarded ideology."

28th April 2011
Leo McKinstry's hyperbole:"Dressing up its cowardice as tolerance and its appeasement as liberalism, the political establishment has failed to tackle the Muslim extremists in our midst. As a result, jihadism has flourished in our society, its growth further fuelled by the wilful collapse of our borders, the destructive ideology of multi-culturalism, the sprawling welfare system and the fashionable doctrine of human rights which protects the zealots rather than the public...."

18th April 2011
"HATE crime vandals spray-painted racial slurs over homes near Birkenhead's mosque.
The area surrounding the Borough Road mosque was targeted at the weekend with offensive graffiti such as 'Islam = Murder' and 'Britain for the British'."

17th April 2011
Mail on Sunday headline: " 'Wear a headscarf or we will kill you': How the 'London Taliban' is targeting women and gays in bid to impose sharia law." It is only in the detail of the article that there are qualifying phrases - "It is believed [sic] Muslim extremists are behind a spate of attacks being investigated by police, according to [sic] the Sunday Times".

10th April 2011
"A senior member of the BNP who burned a copy of the Qur'an in his garden has been arrested following an investigation by the Observer.

Footage of the burning shows Sion Owens, 40, from south Wales and a candidate for the forthcoming Welsh Assembly elections, soaking the Qur'an in kerosene and setting fire to it."

4th April 2011
Daily Mail's sensationalisation of the views of one young man - with 'hatred filled eyes' speaking to a crowd of baying extremists!:
"Pressing his loudspeaker tighter into his mousy-brown bush of a beard, Salahuddin's bright-blue eyes fill with hatred.
'When the Taliban defeat the allies we will establish Sharia law and take the fight to the enemy,' he preaches before a baying crowd of extremist friends at a demo in Barking, Greater London."

16th Feb 2011
A Birmingham Islamic school which featured in a damning TV documentary has received malicious calls threatening to firebomb the building.

16th Feb 2011
Slogans including 'kill Muslims - keep Britain British' and 'EDL'- the acronym for anti Islamist group the English Defence League - have been scratched into the moss on Jadeís Crossing in Detling [Kent].

13th Jan 2011
Leo Mckinstry in the Daily Express links criminality to faith: "But the sheer scale of the problem [following sentencing of two Pakistanis for vice crimes] means that the establishment can no longer keep it a dirty secret. It is absurd to pretend that this has nothing to do with Islam. Only the politically blinkered refuse to see that Muslim culture promotes aggressive misogyny against women, who are often treated as little more than chattels. Muslim menís attitude towards women outside the faith can be even more contemptuous since they are regarded as infidels devoid of any morality."

7th Jan 2011
BNP leader's statement on the BNP website: "British National Party Leader Calls for Demonstration Tomorrow 'For the Victims' of Muslim Paedophile Gangs". The BNP statement makes a connection between the crime and religion - when none exists. No one ever refers to 'Christian' murderers etc.

19th December 2010: Sunday Express headline: "Why are 36% of our universities training Muslim terrorists?". To substantiate this, reporter James Murray cites "M15 chiefs have already warned 39 universities that they have a serious problem with Islamic ëëviolent extremismî. So an unsubstantiable 'warning' becomes a matter of fact [small point - if there are 133 universities, this does not make 39%.

22nd Nov 2010
While non-Muslim faith schools are apparently facing no obstacle in obtaining voluntary aided status, Muslim faith schools on the other hand are being demonised. The Daily Telegraph reporting: "Muslim children are being taught how to chop off thievesí hands and that Jews are plotting to take over the world"!

18th Nov 2010
Daily Mail headline:"Five Muslim boys and white girl, all 12, excluded over Facebook death threats to classmate who supported British troops"
Why juxtapose 'Muslim' ( faith category) against 'white' (racial category)?

6th Nov 2010
Ms Stuart, of the Centre for Social Cohesion, passed these disparaging and sensationalist judgements on Muslim faith schools: ìA whole generation is being brought up to at the very least suspect, and perhaps even despise, the society they will have to live in. This is deeply worrying for the future of community cohesion."

27th October 2010
Julie Birchill in the Independent: "Of course, there is one religion which proscribes its followers under threat of death from rejecting it, and that is Islam. Which just happens to be the one that Lauren Booth (born a Catholic called Sarah) has opted for.....A failed actress, a mediocre hack, it's pretty fair to say we would never have heard of her had her half-sister not married a man who became Prime Minister. And now her meal-ticket is Mohammed...Maybe like a lot of Western cowards, she thinks that if she sucks up to Islamism hard enough she will be spared its rage...What sort of woman freely converts to a religion which supports the oppression, torment and murder of thousands of Christians, homosexuals and spirited women, worldwide, every year?

19th September 2010
The Mail on Sunday headline: "Britain goes Halal (but nobody tells the public)": ...some of Britain's most revered [sic] institutions are serving up halal meat to diners - without their knowledge....all the beef, chicken and lamb sold to fans at Wembley has secretly [sic] been prepared in accordance with sharia law...animal welfare compaingners have long called for a ban on the traditional Islamic way of preparing meat...we don't permit stoning or polygamy on grounds of religion, say angry animal rights protestors...so why should we allow this?".

This report by Simon McGee and Martin Delgado does not mention two aspects: firstly caterers are acting on grounds of cost-effectiveness rather than preference for halal meat - given that 25% of the lamb is consumed by Muslims; secondly Muslims have never asked for non-Muslims to consume halal meat!

18th September 2010
Daily Express headline: "Muslims plot to kill Pope". The report's opening paragraph read, "Islamic terrorists designed as street cleaners allegedly hatched an audacious plot to blow up the Pope...the threatened attack was foiled at the elevent hour..."

Of course the Daily Express did not feature with equal prominence the release of the arrested men later the next day!

30th July 2010
Daily Express headline: "NHS pays for Muslim virginity operations". The article states that "AN INCREASING number [capital letters used by the Express] of Muslim brides are having controversial pre-marriage 'virginity repair' operations". The notes that "Taxpayers funded 116 hymen replacements on the NHS between 2005 and 2009, official figures revealed...It means the taxpayer has forked out [sic] up to £400,000 over the four years to fund the half-hour operation." The inference is that Muslims are placing an unreasonable demand on 'taxpayers' - there is no recognition that Muslims themselves are also taxpayers. The article concludes with the finding: "The NHS says it does the operation only for 'clinical need'." So if there are medical reasons, why the fuss?

19th July 2010
Daily Mail headline: 'Muslim bus drivers refuse to let guide dogs on board'. Later the story explains that it was children on the bus who were frightened - 'Mr Herridge, who lives with wife Janet, 69, in Tilehurst, Reading, said that on the first occasion two years ago, he got off at the request of a Muslim driver because some Muslim children on board were 'screaming' because of the dog."

18th July 2010
Rod Liddle in the Spectator: "Must admit Iím thoroughly enjoying the governmentís fury that decent, white, Christian, blind people keep getting chucked off buses because Muslims object to them. Apparently there is something in the Koran warning that if you brush up against a blind person, or get his saliva on your hand, it is haram ñ which means no virgins for you, matey..."

11th July 2010
Daily Mail news item headline: "Council forces [sic] schools to rearrange exams and cancel lessons to avoid offending Muslims during Ramadan".

6th July 2010
Daily Express Front Page Headline: "MUSLIMS FORCE POOL COVER-UP - Windows frosted to protect modesty of just a few swimmers".
The article used words and expressions like "the bizarre council diktat is the latest example of bureaucrats taking an extreme decision to avoid upsetting a minority group"; "Residents are outraged"; "Regular users of the pool are furious"; "It seems they are not bothered about what we find offensive, as long as the Muslim community is kept happy". Only further down the article does the reader learn:"A spokeswoman for Walsall Council said the complaints had come mostly from the Muslim community but non-Muslim women had also objected". The Daily Express included a telephone poll: Should Muslims get special treatment?


10th May 2012
Michelle Eager tried to pull off Zakir Mohammed’s religious headgear before spitting at her and then hitting the 24-year-old in the face. The 41-year-old, who was hurling foul abuse, then turned on Mrs Mohammed’s 17-year-old niece, Atif Khan, and also hit her in the face.

8th May 2012
A politician’s eight-year-old daughter was left “petrified” when anti-Islamic protesters marched into the garden of their home with banners and banged on the window. Lancashire MEP Sajjad Karim’s home was targeted by the English Defence League (EDL) as part of a day of protests against “radical Islam” in the county on July 2 last year.

2nd May 2012
"A SOUTH Tyneside man has been arrested over allegations he threatened to launch a bomb attack on one of the borough’s Muslim communities.A police probe was launched after race-hate posts were allegedly made on social network site Facebook threatening an 'Oslo-style' attack on Ocean Road, South Shields. Officers arrested Kenny Holden, 29, on suspicion of assault and possessing racially inflammatory material."

17th Apirl 2012
Birmingham woman's niqab ripped off: "DETECTIVES are hunting a man who grabbed a Muslim woman by the head and pulled off her face covering in a packed shopping centre. The thug approached the 26-year-old from behind in Solihull’s Touchwood shopping centre on Saturday, March 3 at 2pm....A similar attack in Glasgow in 2010 resulted in man being jailed for two years after he admitted racially assaulting 26-year-old Anwar Alqahtani. William Baikie, also 26, ripped Ms Alqahtani’s niqab from her face near the city’s central train station".

3rd April 2012
AN investigation is underway after an arson attack at a mosque in Bury Park in the early hours of this morning (April 2). Fire crews were called to the Bury Park Jamie Masjid in Bury Park Road at 4.30am, after two large metal bins were pushed up against a door and set alight

31st March 2012
BEDFORD’S Islamic community has been left ‘devastated’ by attacks on two Queens Park mosques on Saturday. Burglars raided the Jamia Masid Hafia Ghousia Mosque in Ford End Road and the Gulshan-e-Baghdad Mosque in Westbourne Road causing thousands of pounds worth of damage and stealing items including CCTV equipment.

18th Feb 2012
"A SECURITY guard and English Defence League activist was sacked after he left pork scratchings outside a Liverpool supermarket – in a bid to deter Muslim customers

27th Jan 2012
"A FAMILY barricaded themselves in their home as a neighbour armed with knives threatened to kill them, a court heard. Daniel Smith is said to have shouted racist abuse and English Defence League slogans as he smashed his way into the Thornhill Lees home". http://www.newsandstar.co.uk/news/cumbrian-man-accused-muslim-of-planning-bombs-1.919593?referrerPath=home

20th Jan 2012
"A race attack in Surrey on an 11-year-old girl will be the focus of community talks in Sunbury-on-Thames. The girl was attacked by older white girls who kicked her, pushed her to the ground and drew on her face."

17th Jan 2011
" Police have arrested 15 people after violence between far-right activists and local youths outside a mosque in east London.
Witnesses said the clash near the East London Mosque in Whitechapel erupted after supporters of the English Defence League chanted anti-Muslim slogans...A member of staff at the Indo, a pub opposite the mosque, said the incident began when a gang of 'hooligans' entered the bar and started drinking heavily."

19th Dec 2011
"A Bracknell man who admitted urinating in a Muslim man’s trainers, during a racist ‘happy slapping’ incident, will be sentenced for the ‘vile and disgraceful’ act in January. IT worker Darren Scott and his friend Aidan Ostintelli, of Camberley, were drunk and high on cannabis when they abused and attacked Mustapha Himedean after a trip to Amsterdam in July" - reported in www.getbracknell.co.uk

12th Dec 2011
Facebook bomb threat: "A 25-year-old man from Rugeley has been arrested after a bomb threat was made against Birmingham Central Mosque on Facebook."

1st Dec 2011
Muslim woman was spat at and abused by a gang of six teenagers in Telford who pulled off her religious headdress in a racially motivated attack. The gang, who were all male, surrounded the 52-year-old woman and started aggressively pushing and shoving her as she walked along a footpath by the skate park near William Reynolds Infant School in Woodside on Tuesday. Chris Ammonds, spokesman for Telford police, said the woman was abused between 6pm and 6.20pm.

13th Nov 2011
The Masjid-E-Umar in Darlaston, West Midlands, was vandalised on Remembrance Day on November 13. The suspects were said to have jumped over the mosque’s gates and spray painted a graffiti image of a poppy on the mosque door with the words 'burn this one' as a retaliation against the now banned Muslims against Crusade who burned the poppies last year.

14th Oct 2011
The Ilford Recorder reports: "India McConnell, of Netley Road, Newbury Park, stood in front of a woman wearing a burka before shouting a racist slur and telling her to 'go home'. Redbridge Magistrates’ Court heard the 27-year-old had been drinking the previous day and all night before the incident at 8.45am in Ilford Lane at its junction with Winston Way on October 4.

7th August 2011
The group of six tried to storm Redbridge Islamic Centre, Eastern Avenue, Redbridge after taunting worshippers arriving for evening prayers with racist chants, jurors heard today. The building's front window was smashed and the imam was hit by a brick as he tried to pursue them, Snaresbrook Crown Court was told.
Update: http://www.ilfordrecorder.co.uk/news/news/four_found_guilty_of_redbridge_mosque_attack_1_999915
[Note: no reference was made to the chanting of EDL slogans]

22nd July 2011
Reports of the UKIM Madinah Mosque Luton being attacked - windows broken, and graffiti sprayed on walls.

9th June 2011
Report: "Yet, this morning was different as the letter, which was addressed to the Imam this time, was nothing but an offensive drawing on the religion of Islam and some offensive words about the Prophet Mohammed. What was horrible though is that there was a very strange white powder on the letter in a considerable amount. Unable to know the nature of that powder which could have been anything, the staff contacted the police who evacuated the Mosque and put the two members of staff who came in contact with the powder under observation in case any health complications or symptoms appear on them. Ambulance and police cars surrounded the scene and the whole Muslim community in Islington were terrified; the road around the Mosque was blocked and people were very worried. From around 12:30 at noon till around 4:00 PM the mosque went through a very difficult time until the special police forces that analysed the powder discovered that it is not dangerous. "

21st April 2011
Vandals have attacked 20 Muslim graves at a cemetery in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. Headstones were pushed over and ornaments from the graves strewn around the cemetery in Hampden Road.
The graves were vandalised between 2100 BST on Wednesday and 0800 BST on Thursday. Thames Valley Police said it took the incident extremely seriously and was supporting families and the community as well as hunting the vandals.

20th April 2011
Zahra Kazemi Saleh - a female Muslim student sustained facial injuries after she was beaten by four women for refusing to remove her headscarf.

6th April
Further report by Hugh Muir in The Guardian on te 25th March attack on the Redbridge Islamic Centre: "The first thing Abdul Wahab heard, he says, was the shouting. 'Muslim bastards; Paki bastards.' Unpleasant enough in the street. But no one expects to hear such things in a mosque.

What to do? Just six old men there, four of whom were on their knees praying when the hoodlums intervened. Nothing to do but remonstrate, shoo them away and hope...."

25th March 2011
Redbridge Islamic Centre attacked. The Ilford News subsequently reported "Six people appeared at Redbridge Court on Saturday charged with violent disorder. Matthew Stephenson, 19, of no fixed address, Daniel Leal, 19, of no fixed address, Rockylee Beale, 19, of Wood Green, Essex and a 15-year-old boy have been bailed. Elliot Jones, 19, of no fixed address and Ryan Jones, 22, of Ilford, have been remanded in custody. They will all appear again at Redbridge Magistratesí Court this morning."

10th Feb 2011
POLICE and fire crews are combing the scene of a huge blaze which gutted a social club earmarked to become an Islamic cultural centre...Flintshire Muslim Cultural Society (FMCS) had been trying to raise £150,000 to buy the club ñ which had been closed since August ñ and turn it into an Islamic centre. The plans provoked strong protests and about 100 members of right-wing group the English Defence League (EDL) marched through the streets of Shotton last month to voice their opposition.

10th Feb 2011
"Police arrested two men yesterday for allegedly publishing a catalogue of vile and racially inflammatory material on the internet.
One of the men, from Paignton, is thought to be responsible for a series of anti-Muslims videos."

5th Feb 2011
"[EDL] Activists, some wearing balaclavas and others waving English flags, chanted 'Muslim bombers off our streets" and "Allah, Allah, who the **** is Allah". EDL supporters from Newcastle, Scotland, London, West Yorkshire and Sheffield joined Luton-based supporters. There were also flags representing German, Dutch and Swedish Defence Leagues."

22nd Jan 2011
"A Muslim family say they were 'singled out' by a Bournemouth bus driver... The daughter added: 'Me and my mum were wearing headscarves and he didnít do it to anyone else, just us'.î

20th Jan 2011
Scene in Carlisle: "One eye witness who spoke to the News & Star described seeing the man standing in the city centre, near to the market cross, loudly making anti-Islamic pronouncements in front of a large crowd.
He then set fire to the book he was holding, which said the witness was a Koran, before discarding it and hurrying away."

3rd December 2010
"Three people have been arrested and released on bail by police investigating an arson attack on a Stoke-on-Trent mosque on December 3."
Update 9th Dec 2011: "Two men have each been sentenced to 10 years in prison after being found guilty of deliberately setting fire to a Stoke-on-Trent mosque.
Ex-soldier Simon Beech, 23, and Garreth Foster, 29, both from Stoke, were found guilty ... The pair had denied committing arson with intent to endanger life. Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court heard it was in revenge for Muslim extremists burning poppies on Armistice Day.

25th November 2010
"A 15-year-old girl has been arrested on suspicion of inciting religious hatred after allegedly burning an English-language version of the Qur'an ñ and then posting video footage of the act on Facebook. The teenager, from the Sandwell district of Birmingham, was filmed on her school premises burning the book."

22nd November 2010
"Masked men threw bottles of beer and urinated on a mosque following a march against Muslim extremism. Bacon was also left on cars near Kingston Mosque during the attack by a group of 10-15 youths on Sunday. Kingston Mosque claimed baseball bats were also used in the incident on East Road, but this was not confirmed by police."

13th November 2010
"An imam in Portsmouth has said he is saddened his mosque has been targeted twice in two days after remembrance poppies were burnt in London.
A poppy was painted on the front of the Jami mosque, on Victoria Road North in Southsea, on Friday and on Saturday 100 people staged a demonstration outside."

9th October 2010
EDL attacking Big John's in Leicestar

20th September 2010
"Twenty-one grave stones have been damaged in a section of a Leeds cemetery used by Muslims. West Yorkshire Police is appealing for information after plaques and headstones on some of the graves at the city's Harehills Cemetery were damaged."

18th September 2010
"Racists have been blamed for firebombing a car and scrawling a Nazi swastika on a Burnley shop as the elderly Asian Muslim owner slept upstairs, in the early hours of September 18."
Muslim News, 29th October 2010, p.15

15th Sept 2010
"Six Tyneside men arrested after Koran-burning jape was posted on YouTube - the six, all from Gateshead, were arrested after filming themselves apparently burning copies of the Koran on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks."

1st September 2010
The Muslim News reports (24th Sept 2010): "A drunk Worcester manwho unleashed a tirade of racial abuse at Asian workers ...was arrested on June 27...On September 1, Worcester Magistrates Court heard how 20-year old Miller ...punched the cab demainding driver Muhammed Rizwan 'get ot' and face him."

11th August 2010
"A FAMILY told today how they are living in fear of a gang of young racist thugs who have been laying siege to their home for months. Abdur Rahim, 32, and his heavily-pregnant wife Nazama, who are originally from Bangladesh, have suffered a campaign of vandalism and harassment since the beginning of the year. The gang throws stones, smashes windows and vandalises taxi driver Mr Rahim's car outside his Broomhouse home. In one of the latest incidents at the weekend, a stone crashed right through the window, leaving a golf ball-sized hole..."

23rd July 2010
"Two Muslim women h

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