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 Monday, July 28 2014 @ 01:20 PM BST

Torture a 'shared value'? [updated 11th September 2013]

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Next time superior-sounding politicians lecture us on the need to sign up unquestioningly to the shared values of liberal, democratic Britain, or 'civilised' US or Canada perhaps someone ought to raise a few caveats.

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Lessons for socio-political activists

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Some ASSESSMENTS are presented below, documenting the external factors as well as frank criticisms..and the JUSTIFICATIONS FROM WESTERN COMMENTATORS AND FELLOW TRAVELLERS for the coup, with new terminology such as 'illiberal democracy' and 'elections are a sham' - when the results are not to their liking! The charges against the MB include not being 'stylish' enough! The victim is being made responsible for the crime!

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Afghanistan - Pride & Prejudice - Part IX (to 31st December 2012)

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Part IX of a ten-part series...

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Part VI

Part VII


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Extremists! What us?

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A study at the Cardiff School of Journalism found that "... the most common nouns used in relation to British Muslims were
terrorist, extremist, Islamist, suicide bomber and militant, with very few positive nouns (such as ‘scholar’) used. The most common adjectives used were radical, fanatical,
fundamentalist, extremist and militant...."

It is as if saying that all Muslims are not extremists but all extremists are Muslim! However, putting the boot in the other foot...

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Revolving Doors

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There seems to be a seemless progression of civil servants and politicians pursuing lucrative second careers....

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Apologies for being Islamophobic remarks

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There are many factors contributing to the global phenomenon of Islamophobia - often based on crude stereotypes and prejudices. Powerful media interests and political alliances (such as between Likudites/neo-cons collaborating to demonise Islam and Muslims) rarely backdown. However there are instances where a sense of decency or pressure leads to a backdown.....often too rarely

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We Did It! Assassinations...Regime change..

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What our much vaunted western liberal democracies get up to!

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Blair - the tired/tiring record

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Tony Blair does not tire of calling on Muslims to show leadership! More than once he has claimed that the acts of political violence in Britain involving Muslims has nothing to do with international conflicts, but because of their religion...but his statements are often contradictory...

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Britain's Formal Apologies

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Political leaders are to be commended when they acknowledge the State's responsibilities for misdemeanors and criminality. However the process seems selective - some events merit contrition, but not others...

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Democracy as we define it!

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The French encouraged the Algerian generals to subvert the FIS victory in 1991...the US plotted to do something similar in Turkey against Erbakan's democratically elected Refah Party in 1996-97

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