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 Thursday, July 31 2014 @ 02:28 PM BST

Islamophobia - the Facts, Part V - (Jan 2013 - )

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Most recent updates: 10th Sept 2013 see section THE CLUMSY ACTIONS [Niqab ban]

Part IV from January to December 2012

For Part III prior to Jan 2011 click

For Part II prior to July 2011 click

For Part I prior to July 2010 click

Report 'Anti-Muslim Hate Crime 2012', submission of Engage to OSCE

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London Scenes, 2012

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Cricklewood Blogger appreciates life in London....

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Maulana Jamil at the parish?

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The Church of England is to get £5 million for social projects related to the Governmentís idea of the ëBig SocietyíÖ.the CoE will be responsible for disbursing these funds to other faiths.

A positive initiative?

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An evening with Royalty

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Prince Charles's voice of moderation and understanding charmed Muslims gathered at a gala dinner organised by Islamic Relief on 17th December 2009

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An hour with the Archbishop

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It is not often that an Archbishop of Canterbury visits the Trade Union Congress. The Church of England is sometimes described as the Conservative Party at prayer ñ but its present head is sufficiently his own man to be respected across the political spectrum. Dr Rowan Williams delivered the first keynote address of the day at the TUC conference ëBeyond Crisisí on 16th November and his erudition seemed to have a calming effect on usually rumbustious trade union gatherings where guest speakers can be given a rough ride.

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Ken the magnificent

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Ken, one Cricklewood household salutes you, what you stand for, and your achievements for London. The clock on progressive politics in London has been turned back two decades.

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Unquotable Quotes

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Salaam blogger's own Islamophobia watch: quotations by 'leaders of society' about Muslims in Britain - statements that serve to promote misunderstandings and prejudices...

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Islam in the City

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Time Outís latest cover story is all about Muslims in London ñ go out and buy! Cricklewood blogger gives a rave review....

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Local becomes Global!

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Cricklewood Blogger has been particularly interested in three big stories last week - the Government decision on the BAEñSaudi slush fund, Celebrity Big Brother and the Channel 4ís Dispatches. The first of these is of neighbourhood interest: one of the Saudi dissidents blowing the whistle on the corruption of Saudi princes lives within shouting distance of Gladstone Park. The others bring to mind the ësix degrees of separationí theory ñ more on this later.

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Discovering 2PAC Shakur

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Cricklewood Bloggerís link with gangsta rap is a tenuous one, but the story begins with an event organised by the local youth charity, Amal Trust. In the last fortnight he has learnt about Bloods and Crips, and this man they call 2PAC ShakurÖ.

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